Jonathan Adler

Stylish Garden Planters

A green thumb is optional when you have a stylish garden planter that steals the show. 1. Dora Maar Planter Jonathan Adler, multiple New England locations, 2. Estate Zinc Round Planter Restoration Hardware, multiple New England

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Time for your Countertops to get Happy!

By Lynda Simonton Can Formica be chic? Well their new collection by Jonathan Adler certainly is! Adler is well known…

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Notes From The Field: The Red Carpet

By Cheryl Katz  Twenty bucks is a small price to pay to watch the Academy Awards at Laura and Arthur’s…

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Notes from the Field: The Autumn Blues

By Cheryl Katz That air. Those leaves. Caramel apples, Halloween costumes and the need for chunky sweaters–what could be better?…

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Catherine Cleare: Reinventing Timeless Antiques

Often in the design world, people tend to be focused on creating looks that are entirely trendy. Currently, most of…

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Marni Elyse Katz: Geometry Lesson

In yesterday’s blog post, contributing editor Cheryl Katz discussed the most essential building block of design: the line. Today, I’m…

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Notes from the Field: Pink and Green Past

By Karin Lidbeck Brent In the late 1960s, when I was ten, I experienced my first taste of decorating. My…

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What, When, Where: Bright Ideas

By Kara Lashley Neon brights continue to be a hot trend this spring, both on the runway and in realm…

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Friday Favorites 1/13/2012

Kara Lashley, Contributing Editor Pint-sized furniture aficionados (and their parents) will love this table and chair by Hans J. Wegner,…

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Orange Crush

Color Commentary

Back in the day when retail chains still had a heartbeat and a style office, our friend James Sullivan was…

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Erika Johnson: Styling with Sailing Rope

Covered bridges, clambakes and sailing races are as synonymous with New England as the Kennedys are with political fame. From…

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What, When, Where: Splendor in the Grass

By Kara Lashley Here in magazine-land, we’re always a season or two ahead of the real world. By early April,…

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Design in Depth: Color Musings

Artist John Scofield‘s recent paintings have me musing about color. Specifically, what colors together prove the most interesting combinations not…

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What, When, Where: A Tuft Act to Follow

Lots of new products come through my Inbox on a daily basis–some good, some not so good. While I was…

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A Return to Glamour

Maybe it’s a reaction to the prolonged economic downturn. Or maybe it’s something as simple as a slight boredom with…

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