Artists and Makers

Visit Angela Adams in Portland, Maine

Find rugs, accessories, and public gatherings at the new Angela Adams showroom in Portland, Maine.

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Maximum Weather Instruments’ Functional Works of Art

A weather instrument from Maximum Weather Instruments blend tailored functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a useful—and beautiful—addition to any home.

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Artist Pete Hocking

Pete Hocking makes paintings about the divine.

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Meet Kelli Nyman

Kelli Nyman’s abstract wall art defies definition, but it’s endlessly customizable.

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Get to Know twenty2 Wallpaper + Textiles

In the Connecticut countryside, a textile and wallcovering company opens up a world of bespoke possibilities.

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Sew & Bloom

A long-held passion meets pretty petals at Covie Edwards-Pitt’s Sew & Bloom.

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Explore the Work of Artist Joanne Tarlin

“I look. I look everywhere,” says Maine-based artist Joanne Tarlin when I ask her what inspires her atmospheric and allegorical…

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Meet Artist Marcie Scudder

Marcie Scudder is on an artistic journey of discovery.

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Explore the Work of Artist Tayo Heuser

Providence artist Tayo Heuser conjures up her own spirituality in her paintings of geometric shapes.

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Meet Artist Lisa Warren

Lisa Warren’s unique form of perception allows her to see everything from digits to days of the week as colors.

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Artist Gordon Auchincloss

Artist Gordon Auchincloss collaborates with designers and homeowners on his architectural lighting fixtures.

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Martha’s Vineyard Artist Jessica Pisano

Jessica Pisano marries the representational with the abstract in her luminous paintings of birds, trees, and the sea.

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Maine Artist Tom Curry

Tom Curry has made a career out of painting a single island off the coast
of Maine.

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George Sawyer’s Classic Craftsmanship

George Sawyer’s Windsor chairs are both innovative and timeless.

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Artist Kelly Milukas

Kelly Milukas creates encaustic paintings that become part of the experience
of home.

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