Artists and Makers

Photographer Libby Ellis

Libby Ellis finds beauty in all of life’s stages.

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Craftsman Derek Preble

Cabinet and furniture maker Derek Preble elevates the everyday to art.

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Artist Sunil Howlader

Bright colors and bold strokes suffuse Sunil Howlader’s energetic paintings
with emotion and a deeply felt sense of place.

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Artist YoAhn Han

YoAhn Han uses watercolor, synthetic paper, and an X-ACTO knife to create dreamy scenes with an underlying tension.

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Artist Emelia Dubicki

Emilia Dubicki’s abstract paintings hint at reality—whether intentional or not.

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In the Studio with Vani Sayeed

Interior designer Vani Sayeed creates artwork and interiors from her Newton, Massachusetts, studio.

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Liz Roache’s New Collaboration with Pierre Frey

  Artist Liz Roache sits at one end of an infinitely long drafting table, wearing a custom orangey-red (her favorite…

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Ceramicist Warner Walcott

Warner Walcott’s vessels, bowls, platters, and lamps are the ceramic equivalent of the little black dress: sophisticated, essential, and timeless….

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Painter Matthew Chamberlain

Portland painter Matthew Chamberlain layers found objects, paint, and graphite to create works that look like they’ve been around a while.

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Sarah Lutz: A Deep Dive

Sarah Lutz has been painting a shape she calls a “morula” (a mass of cells that occurs in the early…

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Liz Dexheimer: A Sense of Place

Liz Dexheimer’s lush paintings invite the viewer to explore the relationship between the observable and the ethereal.

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Sandra Allen: Branching Out

Her subject: trees. Her materials: simple pencil and paper. The result: complex, nuanced drawings of the planet’s oldest living things.

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Annie Selke: Material World

A renovated old woolen mill in the Berkshires serves as home base for legendary textile designer Annie Selke.

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Frances Palmer: Sculpting Beauty

A visit to artist Frances Palmer’s private studio and garden in Weston is like traveling to another world, one that…

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Dumais Made: Slab Happy

It isn’t every day that you get to reset your GPS, take a path you missed the first time around—and…

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