Maximum Weather Instruments’ Functional Works of Art

April 24, 2024

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Text by Kaitlin Madden


In a world of digital convenience, where up-to-the-moment information is at our fingertips, owning a weather instrument might seem like a nostalgic throwback.

Yet, these intricate devices offer more than just utility. They blend tailored functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a useful—and beautiful—addition to any home.

New Bedford, Massachusetts-based Maximum Weather Instruments has spent more than fifty years crafting precision devices they call “functional works of art” for customers that range from weather hobbyists and farmers to newlyweds and interior designers, leading them to believe that there’s a place for a weather instrument in every home. Here, the team at Maximum shares why these tools are a smart and stylish decision.

Precision and Proximity

While weather apps are adept at providing a regional forecast, they’re not necessarily precise. Personal weather instruments, on the other hand, offer weather data that is far more accurate for a specific location. “Since weather stations are often miles apart, when you look at the weather on your app, you’re viewing information from a station that could be miles away from you,” explains Maximum Weather Instruments’ Robert Arseneau, Sales Brand Manager. “A gust of wind can be significantly different at your home versus what gets measured at the airport.”

As such, Arseneau says Maximum’s at-home weather stations are often sought after by outdoor enthusiasts. “Our customers include farmers and gardeners who want to know what the current conditions are, as well as sailors and golfers who want to know if they can go out for the day,” he says.

Functional Elegance

As handy as the weather instruments are, Arseneau says that aesthetics are often the first reason customers reach out. The instruments are designed with an eye for style. Available in finishes such as brass, nickel, and chrome and featuring options for silver or black dials, the displays can complement a range of home decor themes. Hand-crafted and assembled in New Bedford, these instruments promise craftsmanship and beauty that become family heirlooms.


Custom and Connected

Maximum Weather Instruments can be adapted to the needs and lifestyle of each customer. There are instruments to measure wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, and rainfall amounts along with time and tide clocks. Each can be purchased individually or combined to create a more robust forecast.

For those used to checking weather on the go, Maximum Weather Instruments also offers Wi-Fi-enabled models. These models connect to a platform called Weather Underground, which not only tracks and saves personal weather data, but allows a home weather station to become part of the local weather station network, contributing to the overall accuracy of area forecasting.

Engaging and User-Friendly

Families with children or weather enthusiasts will find that a weather station serves as a live science lesson. It’s an opportunity to observe and interact with meteorological data and understand weather patterns firsthand.

At the same time, Arseneau says that the instruments don’t require any sort of specialty knowledge or training.

“A lot of our customers buy the instruments for looks but find that checking the barometer or rainfall gauge becomes as much a part of the morning routine as reading the news,” says Claude Raposo, Technical Support Specialist. “As weather becomes more of a hobby, you learn how to use the instruments to predict how it’s going to unfold in the next hour or day, and you can use pressure and temperature to create your own micro forecast.”

If you do find yourself with questions about your display, the Maximum Weather Instruments website serves as a resource for customers, with in-depth online tutorials for every display, and service staff are always on standby. “You’ll never call us and get a recording,” says Arseneau. “It’s always a person. We like to establish relationships, so you’re going to have a personal connection to our company.”

The Perfect Addition to Any Home

Overall, says Raposo, Maximum Weather Instruments’ goal is to marry the precision of modern meteorology with the charm of traditional craftsmanship. “We want to offer a functional tool and a timeless piece of decor for every space.”

Maximum Weather Instruments
New Bedford, MA



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