Time for your Countertops to get Happy!

March 20, 2015

By Lynda Simonton

Can Formica be chic? Well their new collection by Jonathan Adler certainly is! Adler is well known for his happy and colorful interiors—so the vibrancy of the collection isn’t a surprise. Malachite and Greek key patterns make frequent appearances in the Jonathan Adler shops and they translate well to a countertop design. I envision these laminates being used as a countertop in a play space, pool house, or perhaps a quick fix for a kitchen waiting for a major renovation.

The collection is comprised of nine different pattern and color combinations. My favorite is the Greek Key design. This classic motif is au courant in lively orange and bright blue. The charcoal color is perfect if you want a slightly more understated look.

jonathan adler greek key blue

Blue Greek Key
jonathan adler greek key orange

Orange Greek Key
jonathan adler greek key charcoal

Charcoal Greek Key

Malachite continues to be a hot, and even if you have become tired of the look, you have to love this malachite countertop design. Choose this pattern if you’re not afraid to jump on the trend and have some fun.

jonathan adler formica blue malachite

Blue Malachite

jonathan adler malachite formica
Charcoal Malachite

The line does offer up a pattern for those who are less adventurous—the lacquered linen is a great option if you are looking for the countertop to play a supporting role versus stealing the show.

jonathan adler formica creme lacquered linen

Creme Lacquered Linen
jonathan adler green lacquered linen

Green Lacquered Linen

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