Carey Karlan

A Room of Her Own

Four Connecticut designers welcome us into their homes for a glimpse of their favorite spaces.

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Put the Finishing Touches on Your Client’s Home

There are two things every seasoned interior designer knows. First: when it comes to turning a house into a beautiful,…

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See How Designers Decorate their Homes for the Holidays

Time to get serious about making sure your house is properly dressed-up for the holidays. Perhaps your house could use a bit more oomph when it comes to

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black venetian plaster walls

Carey Karlan: If These Walls Could Talk—Tips on Different Finishes

If these walls could talk—they would be shouting from the rooftops about all of the decorative wall treatment options available…

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Carey Karlan: When Walls aren’t Straight

We all love the charm of unexpected nooks and crannies—but the charm fades when dormers become dark, useless tunnels and…

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Editor’s Miscellany: More Rooms With More Views

By Kyle Hoepner Friday is the opening day for this year’s Rooms With a View, the annual festival of interior…

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Design in Depth: Showhouse of Westchester

By Stacy Kunstel While Scarsdale, New York, is a bit out of our range of coverage (New England Home strictly features…

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Design in Depth: Looking back on 2012

By Stacy Kunstel I’m one of those people who love round-ups. Give me the top 100 albums, the most talked…

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Design in Depth: Having a Ball

By Stacy Kunstel A few weeks ago I attended the Greenwich chapter of the American Red Cross’s annual Red and…

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Design in Depth: Art, Fabrics and More

By Stacy Kunstel Last week I had the pleasure of spending a day with new products and art at the…

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Notes from the Field: Our Own Horn

by Kyle Hoepner Notes from the Field is normally a report from one of our contributing editors about beautiful things…

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Editor’s Miscellany: Tours and Reflections

By Kyle Hoepner Since midsummer is traditionally a time for laid-back travel, I decided to take a little armchair tour…

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Design in Depth: Red, White and Beautiful

By Stacy Kunstel Last month kicked off a whirlwind of parties, heralding the summer season. One of the first important…

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Design in Depth: Designer Showhouse of Westchester

By Stacy Kunstel As I’m sure you’re aware, New England Home has a Connecticut edition that we produce four times…

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Design in Depth: Pattern Play

Pattern purists take a seat–your reign, for the time being, is over! Today’s interior designers are crunching the rules underneath…

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