Notes from the Field: Our Own Horn

September 26, 2011

by Kyle Hoepner

Notes from the Field is normally a report from one of our contributing editors about beautiful things or interesting ideas encountered during their travels for New England Home. But of course the reason we have editors in the field in the first place is that we have such a large and rich field to explore.

We began in 2005 with just six bimonthly issues covering all six New England states–with the exception of Fairfield County, which our original founder didn’t quite feel was really part of New England. (A hardcore Red Sox fan, he may have been influenced in his opinion by the fact that some residents of southwestern Connecticut do indeed root for the Yankees.)

Later we added an annual summer issue focusing on Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. And this year we’ve grown further with a set of quarterly special issues focusing specifically on Connecticut and particularly on that previously ignored corner thereof. There’s a lot of luscious residential design going on in the neighborhood, and we’re very proud of the gems we’ve been uncovering.

Here are a few highlights from our Connecticut issues so far.

A view through designer Carey Karlan‘s Darien home.

Photo by Laura Moss; click to see more

A New Canaan dining room by Heather McWilliam-Autore and Country Club Homes.

Photo by Laura Moss; click to see more

A stair railing created by artist Laura Spector from invasive Oriental bittersweet vine.

Photo by Peter Baker; click to see more

Family room drama by Claire Maestroni of Greenwich’s Mis en Scene.

Photo by Björn Wallander; click to see more

A living room with shine by Michelle Morgan Harrison.

Photo by John Gould Bessler; click to see more

French richness by Greenwich architects Hilton-VanderHorn and interior designer Cindy Rinfret.

Photos by Michael Partenio; click to see more

More delights are coming up soon in our Fall 2011 Connecticut issue, such as a 1690s Dutch barn adapted for modern living by architect Reese Owens and designer Karen Davis.

Photo by Michael Moran

Photo by Michael Partenio

By the way, subscriptions to New England Home’s Connecticut are separate from subscriptions to New England Home, but are easily available for $15.95/year by calling (800) 765-1225.

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