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Boston Design Center Team Lends a Hand at Heading Home

Guest blogger and designer Boyd O’Rourke writes about the partnership between Boston Design Center’s Design Services Program and the non-profit Heading Home.

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Kristan McLaughlin: From the Streets of Paris to the Suites of Boston

Maison et Objet, the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle, kicks off each year with a home decor fair that connects members of

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The Power of Building with Engineered Wood

As an architect, builder or homeowner, you are often looking for a material that is the answer to your prayers, a product that is strong, easy to install and has structural integrity.

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Steven Favreau

Steven Favreau: 2016 and 2017 Design Trends

Boston-based interior designer, and Robert Allen brand ambassador Steven Favreau takes a look back at what was hot in interior design during 2016, and predicts what trends we will see in the year to come.

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Megan Pesce: The Concord Museum Holiday House Tour

Interior designer Megan Pesce decorates an historic Concord, Massachusetts home for the holidays.
Holiday decorating is always a joy, but when the home you are working on is steeped in local history, that joy becomes an

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harest picnic

Marc Langlois Sets The Scene for a Harvest Picnic

A luxurious harvest picnic is the perfect way to enjoy autumn’s abundance.

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An Architect’s Advice on Green Building

Green building aims to reduce the overall impact of the “built” environment on both human health and the natural

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Jane Toland: Design for a Lifetime

Not long after I became a certified aging in place specialist, I realized that the my homes haven’t necessarily served me well—as an ordinary person, at any age. The light bulb then went off! Life happens. I am not

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John Kelsey and Sally Wilson: Powder Room Jewels

In our last post I talked briefly about the intrinsic relationship between the interior architecture of a home and it’s…

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Geoffrey S. Middeleer: Bringing “Green” into your Yard. Sustainable Strategies for the Residential Landscape

When we think about living in ways that contribute to a healthier planet, our residential landscapes might seem like the…

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John Kelsey: When is a Door Not a Door?

The answer to that childhood riddle is, “When it’s ajar.” Or just maybe, when it turns into a little jewel……

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Tony Salem: Renovation Woes That can be Overcome

Facing a home renovation can be exciting but let’s face it – it can also be daunting. After fifteen years…

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Resolution Jar

Tiffany LeBlanc: Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Style

To many, New Year’s Eve isn’t just the last night of the year — it is the biggest night of…

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TIffany Leblanc Holiday Decor

Tiffany LeBlanc: Simple Holiday Decorating

As a designer, I’m inspired by a multitude of things, whether it is a stay at a boutique hotel, a…

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