Kristin Gallipoli

Editor’s Miscellany: Bookish Pleasures

By Kyle Hoepner There’s just something about books and bookshelves–preferably lots and lots of them–that will give a room an…

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Design in Depth: All in the Details

By Stacy Kunstel This is a big week for photo shoots. I am shooting houses in Nantucket, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Hingham…

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What, When, Where: One for the Books

By Erin Marvin I like books. Not only because I’m a voracious reader (I spend my lunch hour reading while…

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Friday Favorites 7/1/2011

Jared Ainscough, Assistant Art Director I fell in love with this Isaac Soyer painting when I saw it. It is…

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Practice Makes Perfect

Patience might be Kristin Gallipoli’s finest decorating virtue. It didn’t matter that the Harvey Probber table in her New Canaan…

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