Design in Depth: All in the Details

September 19, 2012

By Stacy Kunstel

This is a big week for photo shoots. I am shooting houses in Nantucket, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Hingham this week, which means not only will my GPS get a workout, but there’s lots of packing, ferry and hotel arrangements to be made.

People often ask how I do it. A photo shoot requires that you’re rushing around most of the day, making artistic and editorial decisions as well as arranging furniture, flowers and accessories. Besides having a great photographer as a collaborative partner (more on that in another post) having an interior designer who takes an active role in the process can be a great help. I recently told a designer with whom I have an upcoming shoot that she should come armed with extra pillows, accessories, artwork or any other pieces that would help her project shine in it’s best light. Here are a few examples of what a difference a little extra styling can make.

Westport designer Jan Hiltz took every opportunity to make sure her project popped in our summer issue of New England Home’s Connecticut. In the living room she placed a few gilded vases on the coffee table for some added shimmer.

Photo by John Bessler 

Photo by John Bessler

In the family room she added dramatic navy lamps to increase the contrast on a console.

Photo by John Bessler

Photo by John Bessler

Former Boston resident Amy Meier, who currently bases her practice in Del Mar, Califorina, designed this first home for a young family on the North Shore. All of the elements for a beautiful room were there, they just needed to be taken to the next level with some simplifying and accessorizing.

Photo by Stacy Kunstel

Amy added small, graphic artwork above the mantle and brought in color with pillows to make for an inviting, magazine-worthy space.

Photo by Michael J. Lee

Sometimes all the elements are there, it’s just a matter of getting the right angle and pulling a few pieces out of the cupboard. That was the case when I shot this Connecticut home owned by antiques dealer Kristin Gallipoli.

Photo by Kristin Gallipoli

Photo by John Gruen

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