Cheryl Katz

Part of the Process

By Cheryl Katz As described in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, process is defined as “a series of actions that…

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mike geno bayley hazen blue cheese portrait

Friday Favorites 4/11/2014

Paula Bodah, Senior Editor  We New Englanders suffer a bit during the short, gray days of winter. We rejoice on…

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Notes from the Field: Tools of the Trade

By Cheryl Katz  It will happen. Temperatures will rise. The sun will come out. And spring—in all its budding, blooming…

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Snug Harbor Farm

Design Destination: Snug Harbor Farm, Kennebunk, Maine

Really? Really. It was a Saturday night in mid-January when we decided to check the weather forecast for the following…

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As Good As New: Decades of Design

Recently we were invited to a friend’s apartment for dinner. Given her impeccable credentials—a former editor at a prestigious shelter…

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la scala neverending glory

Friday Favorites 3/14/2014

Cheryl Katz, Contributing Editor Leave it to the refined and elegant website The Line to uncover the “Neverending Glory” collection…

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Notes From The Field: The Red Carpet

By Cheryl Katz  Twenty bucks is a small price to pay to watch the Academy Awards at Laura and Arthur’s…

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Friday Favorites 2/14/2014

Cheryl Katz, Contributing Editor When I was a kid, I equated Valentine’s Day with lace doilies. Now that I’m older,…

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Notes From the Field: Have a Seat

By Cheryl Katz At our house, and at the houses of our friends and colleagues, of all the places in…

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Friday Favorites 1/17/2014

Cheryl Katz, Contributing Editor They float. They dive. They hang suspended in midair. A host of beautifully crafted lighting that…

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Notes from the Field: Keeping the Faith

By Cheryl Katz Don’t wait. Catch a plane, hop a train, or grab a book on tape (Junot Diaz’s This…

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Delicious Designs

Design Destination: Delicious Designs, Hingham, Massachusetts

In the movie You’ve Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly, played by a winning Meg Ryan, rails against Fox Books, a megastore…

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Made for plaid

Mad For Plaid

Growing up, did you ever crave a tartan kilt or a pair of madras shorts? Did you lust over all…

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Friday Favorites 12/20/2013

Cheryl Katz, Contributing Editor Since the days when I made a beeline for the old brown suitcase stuffed with costume…

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Notes From the Field: A Linen Love Affair

By Cheryl Katz I am a linen devotee. Hard to believe, but there was a time when I waited until…

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