Notes from the Field: Tools of the Trade

April 7, 2014

By Cheryl Katz 

It will happen. Temperatures will rise. The sun will come out. And spring—in all its budding, blooming glory—will have arrived, albeit a little later than expected. As if responding to a pent up desire to erase any memory of winter’s dreary days, the humble tools of housekeeping have been elevated, displayed like works of art, just in time for a little spring cleaning. Here’s a prescription to keep you whistling while you work.

Don an apron as familiar as your favorite pair of jeans.

apron kauffman mercantile

Stonghold Selvedge Denim Apron from Kaufmann Mercantile

Grab a vacuum as sunny as the sky.


Calima Vacuum from Miele

Banish paper towels; use super-absorbent cotton dust cloths instead.

ancient  industries towels

Dish Towel from Ancient Industries

Grip a wooden-handled, chic, black bucket from the German-based Redecker and fill it with Common Good’s bergamot-scented floor wash.

redecker bucket

Photo courtesy of Remodelista

common good floor cleaner

Photo courtesy of common good

Banish winter’s grime with an oversized dustpan and a beech-and-horsehair brush.


Aluminum Dust Pan from Home Depot

horse hair brush ancient industries

Dust Pan Brush from Ancient Industries

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