A Gentleman’s Private Retreat in Ridgefield, Connecticut

This luxurious take on a “man cave” is just the thing for a dad who adores his family but craves occasional peace and quiet.

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Douglas Vanderhorn

Five Questions: Architect Douglas VanderHorn

1. What is the enduring attraction of traditionally designed houses? Sometimes old houses make us feel good; they say “warmth, security, and permanence.” People feel comfortable

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Five Questions: Paul Lukez

Home design is going to to to to to to to change, probably in ways we don’t fully understand yet. For example, a lot of it will indirectly be affected

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Daniel Conlon

Architect Daniel Conlon on Rebuilding Connecticut Post Hurricane Sandy

  Kyle Hoepner: Perversely, the destruction caused last fall by Hurricane Sandy, and by Irene in 2011, has had a…

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