Sneak Peek: Individual Touch

May 17, 2012

By Jared Ainscough

The artist’s hand is ever-present in every work of art–even if some artists spend years honing their craft and practicing technique so that the handmade quality of their work is almost unnoticeable. Other artists utilize the marks their hands leave and incorporate them into each piece. A great example of the artist’s hand remaining visible in her work is the pottery of Frances Palmer.

When you look at one of Palmer’s pieces, you can imagine where her hands touched them. The curve of her palm is reflected in the belly of a teapot, her fingers in the ridges on a vase. The subtle asymmetry of her pieces gives them a casual elegance that only a potter’s hands can achieve. Instead of hiding those imperfections behind a texture or a matte finish, Palmer clothes almost all of her pieces in a softly off-white glaze.

See more of Palmer’s work in the Artistry department of our upcoming Summer 2012 issue of New England Home’s Connecticut.

Photos courtesy of Frances Palmer Pottery

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