Vanish: The Art of Jim Westphalen

March 15, 2017

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent    Photography by Jim Westphalen

Jim Westphalen

For many years I have had a wonderful working relationship with Photographer Jim Westphalen. Jim and I have worked together on many of the stunning homes you see featured in New England Home as well as a host of other creative projects. I’ve always been in awe of his talent, but last year, while working with Jim in Vermont, I had the pleasure of seeing another artistic side of Jim’s work. Visiting the Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont I was in awe of his show, Vanish. The beautiful prints had incredible detail yet pure emotional beauty.

Jim Westphalen Bridport Farm 1

Bridport Farm 1, Brid, Vermontport

Who of us that live in New England have not been drawn to the beautiful rural landscape of Vermont? Those bucolic farmlands and those majestic barns are true works of art. Jim’s artistic photos will draw  you into that landscape and take your breath away.

Jim Westphalen Salisbury Barn 3

Salisbury Barn 3, Salisbury, Vermont

Jim manages to capture these iconic landscapes of Vermont with true artistic perfectionism. The collection was designed to be a  tribute to Vermont’s disappearing architectural icons.

Jim Westphalen Winter Barnscape, Bakersfield, Vermont

Winter Barnscape, Bakersfield, Vermont

In Jim’s own words ” Vanish is an ongoing narrative that speaks to the decay of iconic structures in rural America. Inspired by the work of painters such as A. Hale Johnson, Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, Jim’s photographs open like windows to a world that is rapidly disappearing before our eyes. He captures his dynamic landscapes using a vintage 4×5 (film) view camera that has been adapted for a medium format digital back. He then processes his imagery using proprietary methods that create a unique painterly feel. The effect is further enhanced by employing soft watercolor papers for the prints themselves.”

For a delightful journey, click here to see more of Jim Westphalen’s work.

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