Window Treatments, Millwork

March 23, 2015

Window Treatments

ND14 Sewfine Custom Drapery Workroom

Sewfine Custom Drapery Workroom– Work that delights top designers and their clients. Exacting detail and exquisite workmanship combine to bring designer’s vision to life. On every project, we know a designer’s reputation is on the line – and so is ours. So, if you’re looking to add a custom drapery workroom to your list of suppliers, please call Claire at  Salem, Massachusetts, (781) 956-0814,

SO14 Herrick & White

Established in 1977, Herrick & White has over 100 craftsmen and professionals, who create some of the world’s finest cabinetry, architectural woodwork, custom heirloom furniture, and quality millwork. In collaboration with their clients, the reputable architectural woodworkers craft spaces that are designed to be true to the homeowners’ style and stand the test of time. Herrick & White services the United States as well as international destinations such as London and Tokyo. Learn more at

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