Whiskey a Go Go

November 15, 2018

Whether you take it neat or (literally) on the rocks, enjoying a nice glass of whiskey by the fire is an ideal way to embrace a cool autumn evening. Here is all you need to imbibe in style.

Text by Lynda Simonton




  1. Nara Ice Bucket, Nambé, 
  2. Bare Pitcher, DBO Home, Sharon,Conn., dbohome.com
  3. Catrina Cocktail Napkins, Kim Seybert, kimseybert.com
  4. Litchfield Distillery Assorted Spirits, litchfielddistillery.com
  5. Vega Whiskey Decanter, Baccarat Boutique, us.baccarat.com
  6. Cosmo Bar Set, Mary Jurek Design, Hoagland’s of Greenwich, Greenwich, Conn., hoaglands.com
  7. Alpine Whiskey Glass, Simon Pearce,  simonpearce.com
  8. Whisky Stones, Simon Pearce, simonpearce.com




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