What, When, Where: To Bed, To Bed

February 4, 2013

By Erin Marvin

This year’s flu season hit hard and left many of us confined to our bedrooms with boxes of tissues and multiple rounds of antibiotics. There’s nothing worse than being sick, and if where you’re spending the majority of your time—i.e. your bedroom—isn’t doing anything to help you feel better, perhaps it’s time for a change.

While I can’t guarantee beautiful surroundings make for a speedier recovery, it certainly can’t hurt. Below are a few ideas for spending your sick days in style.

If you believe that your boudoir deserves the same royal treatment you do, then this over-the-top aesthetic is for you:

Photo courtesy of homenhome.org

The warm hues of this master bedroom in the Boston suburbs, designed by Kristen Rivoli, are sure to soothe:

Photo by Greg Premru, courtesy of New England Home

This simple and sleek black-and-white bedroom invites sweet dreams:

Photo courtesy of wanderlust-interiors.blogspot.com, originally featured in Elle Décor

Designer Cindy Rinfret infused elegant glamour into the bedroom of this Greenwich home:

Photo by Michael Partenio, courtesy of New England Home’s Connecticut

Bright colors and playful patterns such as these will surely lift your spirits:

Photo courtesy of thewaffler.com

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