What, When, Where: Spotted at Fall 2013 High Point Marke

November 11, 2013

By Catie Parrish

Every spring and fall, tens of thousands of design professionals and style spotters descend upon the city of High Point, North Carolina to peruse the season’s exquisite home furnishings. With nearly seven million square feet of showroom space, there’s a lot of gorgeous ground to cover, but it’s always a thrill to (literally) see what’s in store—and in style.


At past markets, we’ve been told (rather insistently) that Americans emerging from their risk-averse recession mentality are ready for color again. Really? I’ve wondered, gazing at showroom after showroom of grayed-out goods, punctuated by the occasional sensational citron ottoman. This season, I’ve got to say, I’m a believer. From robust cobalt to rich cerulean, brilliant blues were everywhere. It makes sense; I can’t think of a more approachable bright. Take for instance, the zebra rug and throw pillows above. Stunning and so not-scary.

Other prominent trends

Blue wasn’t the only belle of the ball. Here are some additional eye-catching techniques, patterns, and styles that kept popping up again and again. Expect to see these trends mixed, as well (such as marbleized velvets that reminded me of the chicest-ever interpretation of tie-dye).

•          Marbleizing

•          Sanded leathers

•          Greek and Roman motifs

•          Velvet

•          Rose quartz

•          Amber

•          Brick-pattern quilting

•          Pagoda bookcases

Favorite debuts

The “New to Market” banner is always a draw. Who can resist a booth making its premiere or a couple design veterans teaming up in a fresh new way? Here are two that caught my attention:

1.         Thom Filicia’s home collection with Eastern Accents. It was a thrill to see Thom’s signature imaginative style paired with Eastern Accents’ reputation for quality and sophistication. Side note: Eastern Accents’ showroom was packed celeb-solid during autograph time. My colleague and I struggled for a snapshot, but quickly determined it a futile effort.

Photos courtesy of Eastern Accents

2.         Stray Dog Designs. This was their first time at market, and their booth was a must-see. It was full of crazy-cool furniture, lighting, and accessories. Each candy-colored piece was bafflingly lightweight until it was discovered they were handmade with papier mache. So fun for a quirky cottage or child’s room.

Photo courtesy of Stray Dog Designs

With finds like these, I can’t wait to start seeing them in shops and showrooms and eagerly await what next spring’s market has to offer.

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