What, When, Where: Something Old, Something New

January 9, 2012

By Kara Lashley

Cutting-edge techniques and an age-old art meet in the work of Warren Mather, a ceramicist who has developed a novel method for imprinting digital images on clay. His technique involves transferring digital photos, videos and computer-generated images to silk screens and then to wet clay, which he later glazes and fires into panels or discs. “In my mind the process of taking a picture is like sensing and recording an event by physically pressing clay against and around it,†explains the artist, who is based in Weston, Massachusetts.

From cityscapes and street scenes to natural imagery, Mather’s work explores ways of seeing, with the camera as “visual clay.†I’m particularly fond of his hyperrealistic tree bark series, which will be on display at Boston’s Arnold Arboretum beginning March 17. In the meantime, here’s a look at Mather’s photo-clay artistry.

Birch (2005).  All photos courtesy of Warren Mather

Red Oak (2009)

Chinese Zelkova (2011)

Sycamore 2 (2011)

Balkan Pine (2010)

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