What, When, Where: Fine Furnishings for the Pet Set

August 22, 2011

By Kara Lashley

The wonderful thing about pets is that they love you unconditionally, whether you live in a sleek penthouse or a standard one-bedroom, a splendid manse or a ho-hum ranch. The fluffy, four-legged crew cares little whether the pillows are Cowtan & Tout or Kmart, as long as they’re nice to nap on. Fido has no need for design blogs–except for you to get off them and take him for a walk.

At least, that’s what we’d like to think. But judging by the array of high-end furniture options for the mod dog and hipster kitten, our pets love fabulous just as much as we do. My sweet, stalwart Boxer would never say so, but it’s quite possible he longs for something more chic than his sensible canvas bed by L.L. Bean. Like maybe the Bambu Pet Hammock:

Photo courtesy of Pet Lounge Studios

Or perhaps the Castagna pet bed, designed for Italo Bosa’s Dog Is a God collection:

Photo courtesy of pet | modern

Who knows? He may prefer something a bit flashier, like WOWBOW‘s Mija bed and “dining tableâ€:

Photo courtesy of WOWBOW

I don’t think the pEi Pod would be his cup of tea, but plenty of other dogs are begging for it.

Photo courtesy of pEi Pod

Even without a precious pet inside, it looks most fetching.

Photo courtesy of pEi Pod

In the past, it was rarely necessary to ask: Is that a dog bed, or is it art? But Vurv Design‘s Dog Pod will leave you wondering.

Photo courtesy of Vurv

Likewise, your friends may well mistake Kenneth Cobonpue‘s Operetta pet lounge for a newly discovered midcentury chair.

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue

Cats, too, adore midcentury design. For those of the feline persuasion, this bent plywood lounge from CANOPYstudio is sure to elicit a purr of approval:

Photo courtesy of CANOPYstudio

E&Y‘s über-sophisticated Hammock coffee table can hold some magazines, or a hefty feline–your choice.

Photo courtesy of E&Y

If you think this all very silly, please do not visit Opus Canis, purveyor of “the finest canine appointments.†There, owners of haute dogs can purchase lodices of the most luxurious satin and cashmere ($600–$750). (In case you weren’t aware, a lodix is a blanket that highbrow Romans used to keep warm in their chilly villas.) While you’re there, you may want to stock up on exquisite one-of-a-kind pulvini, cushions emblazoned with heroic canine symbols ($750–$5,460).

But then, there’s always L.L. Bean.

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