What, When, Where: Comfort is for Quitters

March 29, 2013

By Erin Marvin

I spent the past two weeks traipsing around Europe, touring the grand palaces and opulent former residences of kings, queens and monarchs. Places like the Palace of Versailles were filled with tourists like myself ogling the over-the-top surroundings and plush luxury afforded to the upper class–just look at all the brocade, crystal and gold bedecking this royal bedroom:

I mean, I guess it’s ok if you’re into nice things. But personally? I think comfort is overrated.

Who needs silky-smooth fabrics and sink-in softness when you can experience the needle-sharp pricks of cacti on the backs of your bare legs? And this isn’t a small, Louis XIV-size settee, either—there’s room for friends.

Photo courtesy of hometone.com

Ladies might prefer placing off their dainty derrieres on this egg crate sofa (which we can only hope came from cage-free chickens).

Photo courtesy of designrulz.com

And sure, some people might be prone to pulling up a leather club chair to cozy up by the fire, but you’re more likely to find me numbing my limbs on an armchair made of ice.

Photo courtesy of marketplace.secondlife.com

Those who still crave warmth will find it with this must-have burning chair. It’s made of wax so it won’t last long – best to save it for a special occasion.

Photo courtesy of chairblog.eu

Bemoaning the lack of fine woodworking in today’s furniture design? Not to worry: this modern pencil chair is made from the finest No. 2s, sharpened to pointy perfection to seat style mavens and masochists alike.

Photo courtesy of weburbanist.com

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