What, When, Where: Art, Without the Commitment

March 15, 2013

By Kaitlin Madden

To me, choosing art is kind of like getting a tattoo. If I’m going to commit to looking at something everyday, it has to not only be attractive, but meaningful, and something I know I’ll like for a while. The reason I don’t have any tattoos is because I haven’t found anything that meets all of that criteria. I’ve had slightly better luck with art, but I’m still a bit of a commitment-phobe in terms of what goes on my walls.

The good news for people like me: There’s now a service that caters to fickle and undecided art buyers. It’s called Turning Art,  and it’s based right here in Boston. The ingenious premise is similar to that of Netflix. Members subscribe to the service on a monthly basis, which allows them to choose the art they like–the website stocks thousands of pieces in twenty different categories–and then send it back when they want to swap it out for a new piece. I’m planning on giving Turning Art a try when I move next month–there are few decor challenges more intimidating to me than blank walls! Here, a few pieces that caught my eye.

Coney Couple, Rick Oronato

I am Falling, Melody Boone

Nova Bloom, Phil Provencio

Petalled, Mishel Valenton

Sunkissed, Beth Engel

Suvivor Queen (4 of 10), Gentleman’s Game: Brandon Friend and Jason Griffin

Variation on a Cayley Tree, Regina Valluzzi

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