What, When, Where: Appleton Art Design

September 17, 2012

By Lisa E. Harrison

Sometimes, when one person decides to pursue her passion, we all benefit. Such is the case with Amie Appleton Greenspan’s latest venture, Appleton Art Design–a gorgeous new gallery in Westport, Conn.

Greenspan, an attorney who’s repped businesses in the fashion, art and design world, studied art history in college and has had a longstanding interest in art and design.

The gallery specializes in contemporary art (works on canvas, paper and Plexiglas, in oil, acrylic, watercolors and pastels, as well as photography), and Greenspan is currently collaborating with a talented troupe of well-known and emerging artists, many of whom haven’t been represented in the area. Her approach is very personal: “I select artwork that resonates with color and texture, and appeals to my sense of design,†she says.

Greenspan sells directly to the design trade and the general public by appointment only. Most of the artwork falls between $1,000 and $4,000. “I have found that there is a need for original and accessible design-oriented art,†she says. “I have also discovered that many artists with great talent are not adequately represented by traditional galleries. My gallery aims to bring these interests and needs together.â€

A goal we can all get behind indeed.

“Apple†by Antonio Munoz. Graphic design. Photos courtesy of Appleton Art Design.

“Red 3†by Rachel Volpone. Acrylic and resin, 8 x 8.

“Minnewaska Birches†by Elissa Gore. Oil, pastel and watercolor, 14 x 51

“Temporary Absence of Dread†by Susan Post. Oil on canvas, 24 x 24.

“El Misterio del Purpura 1†by Carla Fache. Acrylic on paper, 16 x 15.

Greenspan will host a launch party on Friday, October 5, from 5–9 p.m. and an open house on Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7, from 9–6 p.m.
181 Post Road West, Westport, CT, 203-561-4927, appletonartdesign.com.

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