Segerson Builders LLC

Segerson Builders is a high-end custom building company specializing in new homes, additions and renovations in Connecticut, New York and beyond. With over 40 years in Fairfield County, our rich heritage isn’t to be understated – and discerning homeowners and leading architects have come to rely on Segerson Builders for exquisite attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of master home-building.

The happiness of our customers is our singular goal. Creating joy in our customers’ experiences is the byproduct of combining our superior building systems with a rugged moral code emphasizing honesty and fairness. Segerson Builders is highly conscious of a project timeline and budget and has proven methods for delivering on both. These advantages are conveyed to each client through a dedicated team and a highly transparent project management process. This process is facilitated by proprietary in-house software enabling 24/7 access to every detail of a project.

Additionally, Segerson Builders’ 5-year warranty reflects our higher-level of service after the job is done, as well as confidence in our craftsmanship. This means that if there is any follow-up work, or request, long after a project has been completed, we promptly take care of it. Think of us as your long-term, accountable partner.