Paul Weber Architecture

The architectural firm of Paul Weber Architecture, based in Newport, Rhode Island, offers a full scope of architectural and master planning services in an established, diverse and design oriented practice. Our portfolio includes residential and commercial architecture, golf clubhouses, unique projects for private clubs, hotels, schools, additions and renovations to historic structures, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

Working in a variety of styles, our work seeks to realize the vision of our client’s program with creative solutions appropriate to context, climate and budget. Our extensive experience with residential and commercial projects in coastal zones enables us to maximize the opportunities each site offers.

We believe that every successful project is built on good relationships. For us, the process is always a unique balance of collaboration and coordination, poetry and pragmatism, empathy and aesthetics – and knowing when to lean in, and, more importantly, when to listen.

At Paul Weber Architecture, we ensure that our client’s vision and objective is respected and appreciated. With a team of skilled craftsmen, we expect that everyone involved will be inspired and dedicated to the project. Every step of the way, we make the best use of our client’s valuable time by helping them to understand and participate in the decisions that direct and define their desired outcome. Our goal is to create the finest structure possible and to exceed your expectations.