Jean Brooks Landscapes

Jean Brooks Landscapes has been an award-winning design, build and maintain landscaping firm in the Greater Boston area for more than 35 years.

Whether it is a project on a smaller or larger scope our goal is to bring your outdoor vision to life with our JBL excellence. Site analysis, design, drawings and construction are seamless with our carefully curated team of highly experienced in-house artisans, horticulturists and property care specialists.

You will have one point of contact readily available at all times. Our in-house capabilities allow all projects to remain on-time and on-budget. Attention to the smallest of details is also a hallmark of JBL. Our expertise enables us to do some of the most intricate designs whether it be custom pieces or areas that are tailor made for your lifestyle, art elements within hardscaping, precise edges and lines while maintaining meticulous quality.

Jean Brooks Landscapes knows nature is our home and brings us great health and happiness, so it will always be our honor to bring exclusive outdoor living areas to our clients each and everyday.