Crown Point Cabinetry

Distinguished as the only custom cabinetmaker that sells direct on a national and international scale, Crown Point Cabinetry has built a reputation for handcrafting the finest quality custom cabinetry for the entire home.

Family-owned and operated, Crown Point works directly with homeowners, architects, builders, remodelers and designers. We have achieved our near 40-year legacy of satisfied clients one at a time, by carefully listening to their needs, designing beautiful cabinetry, and delivering what we promise. It’s that simple.

Now, with the introduction of Crown Select, we provide the same fit and finish, the same quality of materials, the same craftsmanship of our dedicated artisans…in a more cost-effective line. How do we build such beautiful custom cabinetry for less?

First, we limit the endless spectrum of customization to allow for a more efficient cabinetmaking process, while still providing the most desirable styles, finishes, details and options. Second, we value engineer the cabinetry that allows a client to invest their dollars where they matter the most. This presents clients the way to acquire custom inset cabinetry at a budget-friendly price.

Whether the cabinetry is Crown Point or Crown Select, it is handcrafted, by those artisans dedicated to the skill of cabinetmaking with the finest quality, fit and finish.