California Closets Connecticut

We believe exceptional design transforms people’s lives. We see a home as more than a place—it is a source of comfort and refuge, a space for connection and celebration. Everything we do at California Closets is rooted in our commitment to offering quality custom storage solutions that help people become better versions of themselves, with more time and space to focus on what matters most.

Celebrating 40+ years, California Closets is a pioneer in designing custom home storage solutions in Connecticut. We are dedicated to providing you with world-class service, a fully customized design, and the most diverse offerings in the marketplace. Since the beginning, our top priority has been to focus on our customers’ needs. We’re committed to listening to the needs of every customer, working with them hand in hand, and always recognizing that it’s a true privilege to be invited into their homes and their lives.

Our expert designers approach each customer with enthusiasm, dedication, and the latest design inspirations – ensuring that each and every one of their clients have an enjoyable and memorable experience, with a space in their home that they love and which will last a lifetime.