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January 23, 2015

New England designers share their point-of-view on what designers and homeowners will gravitate towards in 2015.

Danit Ben-Ari, Interior Transformations, Brookline, Massachusetts

2015 will be a year of self-expression—a celebration of individuality! Look for a departure from the expected.

An embrace of shimmer—whether its chrome finishes on hardware or light fixtures; or metallic threads in carpets, wall coverings, fabrics and even art. Let the reflective shine!

Not everywhere, mind you. A bit of restraint is important so that the luster can be special.

Sue O’Connell, Sue O’Connell Architectural Color Consulting, Winchester, Massachusetts

I see the general trend moving away from neutral backgrounds with “pops of color” to a more adventurous use of what I like to call “Dynamic Duos.” Combinations such as vibrant corals and bold teals, a saturated navy with a vivid pink, or elegant plums teamed with deep emerald greens are gorgeous. I love the pairing of bolder colors; the use of a rich color on the wall paired with an energetic accent. Clients are taking more risks and it’s exciting. And now that there are more full spectrum paint lines to choose from. The results are fantastic—so many choices with so much depth to the paint color itself.

Kate Jackson, Kate Jackson Design, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Here are three trends I think we will see this year:

  • Practicing the discipline of subtraction.

With the chaos that surrounds us in our everyday lives, editing the clutter in one’s own home is a simple yet powerful practice that will bring happiness and comfort. It’s as simple as taking away things that are useless and you’re tired of looking at.

  • Making design meaningful.

Assessing what you need to make your home more meaningful, purposeful and functional. What can be changed or purchased to make the most of your home? Whether it’s fixing a screened door, recovering a chair or changing out an old rug, take the time to determine what needs to be changed and just do it.

  • Bringing natural elements inside.

Whether it’s a beautiful rock resting on a mantle, or a sculptural piece of driftwood, nature’s elements inside the home are not only interesting artifacts but also serve as a reminder of the other part of the year. Stacking wood in an interesting pattern beside your hearth instead of stacked by the back door, or taking an outdoor cement pot and planting a boxwood, are natural and organic ways to decorate the inside of your home.

You can read more 2015 design trends here.

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