Trellis Home

March 31, 2016

Text by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz    Photography by Jeffrey Katz

There was a time, in the worlds of both fashion and home, when steadfast rules governed how color should be used. Adages like “blue and green should not be seen without a color in between,” combined with theories based on the color wheel, were gospel.

Sure, for the novice, the insecure, or the color blind, there was something to be said for this kind of clear advice. But the rules about color have changed—in fact, they’ve been discarded.

If this causes concern, uncertainty, or a bit of skepticism on the part of those weak-hearted color choosers, have a look at Trellis Home. In this tiny gem of a place, owners and color-rule breakers Allison Mattison and Liza Sharp (BFFs since childhood) have created a virtual paint box of furnishings and accessories that vibrate with color. Coral wallpaper, blue-and-white covered jars, green malachite ice buckets, a bright yellow candelabra, pink picture frames—all coexist in happy unruliness.

And with a nod to Diana Vreeland, the doyenne of all things stylish, orange is the basic black of Trellis Home.


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