Tour Two Poggenpohl Kitchens in Honor of the Iconic Brand’s Boston Reopening

April 25, 2024

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Text by Kaitlin Madden

Poggenpohl, a name synonymous with luxury kitchen design, innovation, and a rich heritage spanning more than 130 years, is embarking on a new chapter in Boston.

With the grand opening of its new showroom at 13 Park Plaza in March 2024, Poggenpohl is re-establishing a foothold in the area after shuttering its Newbury Street location in 2022 after two decades. This move not only signifies Poggenpohl’s commitment to the Boston area but also allows the brand to showcase the full spectrum of its contemporary European-style kitchens, customization options, and innovative design features.

To celebrate the return of world-class kitchen design to Boston, we’re stepping inside two of Poggenpohl’s most stunning local projects, each with a unique story, setting, and style.

A Seaside Space With Sleek Style

First up, a journey to coastal Nahant, where a second-time client wanted a kitchen that felt clean and contemporary but honored—and enhanced—the seaside scene beyond the windows.

“This was a repeat client who had worked with another one of our designers for their Boston condo, and they liked it so much that when they purchased their home in Nahant, they wanted to use Poggenpohl again,” explains the home’s kitchen designer, Sheryl Burgarino. “They have a very contemporary aesthetic, but at the same time wanted the space to feel coastal.”

Burgarino chose the brand’s CUORE line with a white oak finish to set a beachy scene while staying true to the client’s modern taste. The layout of the space was arranged around a breakfast area near the windows, which takes advantage of the home’s views.

While looks were important, function and innovation were paramount. Unique customizations include a hidden docking space for a Roomba within the breakfast area’s toe kick and the incorporation of electrified cabinetry, which allows for a clutter-free countertop by housing a coffee station and other appliances within the cabinetry itself.

These thoughtful touches enhance the kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, embodying the client’s desire for a clean and efficient space.

Modern Luxury Kitchens in the Millennium Tower


From a seaside retreat to the city center, this sleek Poggenpohl kitchen sits inside one of Boston’s most iconic buildings, the Millennium Tower, where the design team created 440 luxury kitchens worthy of its address.

While the condo’s high ceilings and open floor plan were among its draws, these features created a design hurdle in the kitchen, where the client wanted some warmth added to the clean-lined space.

Finish selection was the first stop in making the room more inviting. “Our designer chose a light wood finish on the island, bringing in warmth and making it feel more like furniture,” explains Sheryl Burgarino. The rest of the cabinetry was finished in Poggenpohl’s high-gloss Polar White lacquer to maintain the condo’s contemporary design direction.

The design team also leveraged the cabinets to create a more intimate scale. “Since the ceiling is high, the upper wall cabinets help create a line that brings the space down visually, while the square doors give rhythm to the overall feeling,” explains Burgarino.

At the same time, the vertical space proved useful in adding extra storage, including a full-height pantry and upper cabinets perfect for seasonal and less-frequently used items. The second row of cabinets also offers handle-less touch-to-open function for easier access.

Storage was at the forefront of the rest of the design, too. “Poggenpohl’s sophisticated storage solutions maximize interior drawer space and make kitchen organization easy. Drawers next to and under the cooktop allow ease of access to pots, pans, utensils, spices, etcetera,” says Burgarino, noting the ample storage underscores a scheme of sleekness and modernity.

Other innovations in the space include fully flush and integrated appliances and built-in LEDs beneath the upper cabinets that supply task lighting for the countertop.

Immerse Yourself in Kitchen Innovation

The best way to see the full spectrum of Poggenpohl innovation, however, is at the new Boston kitchen design showroom, which provides an immersive experience of the brand’s cutting-edge product catalog.

“The showroom features the latest in kitchen design, including our +MODO cabinet line, which has unique cantilevered-style cabinets, an innovative cooktop integrated directly into the countertop, and a display that features motorized pocket doors that allow you to completely hide your kitchen if you wanted to,” says Burgarino.

Which begs the question, who would want to hide a Poggenpohl kitchen?

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