Top 5 Reasons to Build a Plunge Pool in New England

January 15, 2020

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Text by Kristin Amico

If you’ve vacationed at a resort offering private plunge pools that overlook mountain vistas or cresting ocean waves, you understand the allure. Here’s some good news: recreating that relaxing atmosphere at your own home is easier than you might think.

A plunge pool is easy to install, and their petite size and in-ground placement create luxurious private retreats in New England. The pools also spice up the yard for those who enjoy frequent alfresco entertaining.

Karen Larson, owner of the family-run, New Hampshire-based Soake Pools, explains why the plunge pool trend is taking off in New England, and the big benefits of the small water feature.

“A small plunge pool brings a big touch of luxury to backyards of all sizes,” she says. “Their versatility provides homeowners with a pool that can be used throughout the year and is much easier to maintain than a large, traditional swimming pool.”

Plunge Pool New England fire

Photo by Tim Murphy, Foto Imagery

Sleek, customizable appearance

A graceful alternative to the oversized footprint of a full-sized pool, a plunge pool fits nicely in neatly landscaped urban backyards or more expansive suburban lots. The two most popular sizes are thirteen feet by seven feet and ten by six, giving homeowners more options and creative control of their yard.

“A plunge pool gives you much design freedom, with the ability to choose the tiles, color, and overall appearance of the pool, ensuring it fits into a very specific design vision,” notes Larson.

Plunge Pool New England blue and white house aerial view

Photo by Sweenor Builders

Expanded living space

More New Englanders are extending their home’s space outdoors to take advantage of three or four seasons of open-air living. As well as all-weather patios, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits, plunge pools are high on the list of in-demand additions to create a cozy and functional backyard haven.

Larson has worked with clients who wanted to make the pool the focal point of intimate entertaining spaces. Others wanted the benefits of an outdoor living space that included a pool but needed to make the feature work in a compact, urban lot.

Year-round versatility

Whether it’s eighty-five degrees and sunny or a clear, cold, winter evening with flurries, plunge pools provide a year-round water feature that homeowners will actually use. Temperature controls let users keep it cool on hot, steamy days, and in the winter, they can set the thermostat as high as 104 degrees, creating their own backyard Nordic-style spa.

“Our clients say they love owning a plunge pool because it gives them a pool and hot tub combo in a small footprint, letting them soak outside with a glass of wine on a cold winter evening or take a quick, cooling dip on a sweltering summer afternoon,” says Larson.

Easy installation and low maintenance

The pools are pre-cast and pre-tiled in a controlled environment, then delivered ready to install, eliminating the need for messy backyard construction. The process dramatically decreases installation time, too. Plunge  pools are ready for use in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks if it’s being installed as part of a larger landscape renovation.

The pools require minimal maintenance. Most customers opt to use a saltwater system (gently treated to create natural chlorine), avoiding the need for all of the chemicals we remember being dumped into the pool when we were kids.

Larson adds that the saline water is nothing like sticky ocean saltwater; instead, she says, “it provides a smooth, silky feeling that doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin or hair.”

Plunge Pool New England swimmerA boost to healthy living

Even if you can’t do laps in a plunge pool, there are added health benefits to a long soak. Those who already engage in active sports such as cycling or CrossFit know a plunge in cool water reduces muscle soreness and fatigue. Alternatively, hot-water immersion helps reduce stress and fight aches from arthritis and other ailments.

Those who want to use the plunge pool as an additional workout area can install a tether, allowing for stationary low-impact swimming as part of a resistance-training circuit.

Overall, Larson recommends that hurried New England homeowners who crave a little Zen and relaxation in their life consider a plunge pool as way to achieve spa-like tranquility in their own backyard.

Soake Pools, Pembroke, NH, 603-749-0665

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