The Light You Deserve – Make the Most of It

February 12, 2018


Text by Marvin


First came a focus on interior design, which continues to inspire innovative style statements. Then homeowners and designers turned their attention to outdoor living, however long or short the season may be in their region. New Englanders have begun to embrace a new trend: living inside out. They are claiming the light they deserve in a whole new way—by inviting sunshine and warmth into their space and blurring the lines between interiors and the nature they crave beyond their walls. Intentional selection of personalized windows and doors is a key way to embrace this trend and transform the way you live.

Is there a small, dark bedroom in your home, or a cramped sitting room? You can expand that space by inviting the beauty beyond your walls into your life with the thoughtful positioning of windows. The added light introduces a more expansive feeling into your space and frames the view as if it were a beautiful piece of art.

Perhaps you love your backyard with that flowering tree, yet feel you seldom have the time to enjoy it. Or you’ve invested in a waterfront home and find that the original owners never took advantage of the view that inspired your purchase. With an intention to live inside out, you invite the light and nature you crave into your space. A perfectly placed Marvin sliding or bi-fold door can change the way you live—and the way you feel about life—by creating a seamless connection between your home and its calming landscape.

Start a Living Inside Out Journey
It’s a scientific fact: sunlight boosts our serotonin levels and that, in turn, makes us happier. You know how good it feels to bask in sunshine, and designing a home to embrace that experience begins with exploring the possibilities. The Marvin Experience Center at 7 Tide in Boston Seaport is an excellent place to start. Here a high-tech, high-touch journey inspires you to explore a myriad of doors and windows in full scale, and appreciate what they could do for your lifestyle.

At Marvin at 7 Tide you’ll encounter the Marvin Scenic Door Portfolio, which includes stunningly large doors engineered to provide a seamless connection to the light and natural beauty beyond your walls. Marvin’s Ultimate Lift and Slide, Multi-slide or Bi-Fold Doors all offer opportunities to create a movable “wall of glass” that provides effortless access to a deck, patio, porch or waterfront.

Create That Seamless Connection
Your home’s architectural style helps pinpoint the most complementary way to create the inside-out connection, according to Kim Deetjen, principal at architecture and interior design firm TruexCullins in Burlington, Vermont. “The specific door depends on the style of the house—is it traditional or modern? Formal or informal? The context is always the first determining factor,” she explains.

Considering the home’s setting and the surrounding landscape also helps homeowners zero in on the appropriate selection, Deetjen explains. Homeowners are encouraged to think about how windows and doors can be used to enhance—and not disrupt—the room’s flow. The right door creates a seamless handoff from the interior to exterior, while making the interior space appear larger and more in tune with the view.

Remember Comfort and Security
While the intent is to invite the light, air, and beauty outside your home into your living space, you never want to overlook the need for screens to make living more comfortable and hardware to make your space secure. Marvin offers a selection of different screens, even high-transparency mesh solutions, to ensure that this element never detracts from the intended connection.

In addition, Marvin also offers a new smart home technology, the Lock Status Sensor, which seamlessly integrates into your new or existing security system. Marvin is the only manufacturer offering a fully integrated, factory-prepped hardware solution to give you peace of mind in knowing your windows and doors are secure. This provides the security you deserve while also helping you elegantly and effortlessly live intentionally with the beauty outside your home.

Invite Light into Your Home Today
If you find the concept of living inside out intriguing, start your window and door research online at And visit Marvin at 7 Tide in Boston Seaport, the country’s only Marvin Experience Center, for an exciting introduction to what’s possible in your home. When you’re ready to talk window specifications and pricing, visit your local authorized Marvin retail dealer where Marvin experts are ready to help you select windows and doors to create the look you imagine.


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