The Design Bloggers Conference, Winter Woes, and a New Issue Hits the Newsstands

March 4, 2015

By Stacy Kunstel

The New England Home editorial team just returned from the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, where it seemed easier to catch up with a number of members of our Boston design community than it does on our home turf. The city did shut down because of a few flurries, but it certainly was no big deal for the New England contingent. Elizabeth Benedict, Mally Skok, and Megan Pesce all made it out of Boston and enthralled other designers with their tales of snow woes. 

Acton-based interior designer Megan Pesce enjoying the conference.

Design Bloggers Conference

Keynote speaker Nate Berkus was the crowd favorite. 

Nate Berkus

Sally Wilson and John Kelsey of Wilson Kelsey Design having some fun at the HighBoy booth. 

Wilson Kelsey Design

I’m expecting our area builders and contractors are going to be busier than ever, given the damage that the weather has caused this winter. I listened to so many stories of ice dams and burst pipes and now I have a story of my own. Yesterday I heard a tell-tale dripping noise and entered the dining room to see water drizzling down out of a speaker in the ceiling. This morning water started dripping inside my windows and there are wet spots on the garage ceiling.

Roof Repair

Roof Damage

Water Damage

It’s incredibly comforting to know that, this winter, I’m not the only one packing on a few extra pounds. As you will notice with our new March-April issue of New England Home, it’s a lot fatter and sports a number of changes we are implementing this year. We’re gearing up for our 10th anniversary, and we want you to know that we are changing to keep it fresh for you our readers. As always, you know you can share any feedback with any of us. Our email addresses are on the masthead in the front of the book, or just email

New England Home

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