Take Cover – Staying Cool by the Pool or on The Patio

April 28, 2014

By Lynda Simonton

It ‘s that time of year when you need to assess your outdoor furnishings before hauling them outside for the season. If you are thinking about adding some shady spots to relax poolside or on your back patio I have some great selections for beating the heat.

Gandia Blasco’s Wigwam is a sophisticated take on the indigenous tipi. This glamorous tent looks beautiful and graphic poolside. Kids will love it as a shelter from the sun or a coveted spot for sleepovers. Forget the kids – grown-ups love a spot to snek away from it all as well!

Photo courtesy of Gandia Blasco

Hung amongst the trees Dedon’s SWINGREST could be the ultimate shady spot. Big enough for a few people to jump in and relax together. Or, sneak in it by yourself and enjoy a good book away from the crowd. An optional fabric curtain provides shade and privacy.

Photo Courtesy of Dedon

Restoration Hardware’s Provence Canopy looks like a great spot to take cover. A canopy and multiple outdoor fabric panels will shield you from the sun no matter where it is in the sky.

Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

The ultimate outdoor lounge from Gandia Blasco. I think I would sleep out here every night in the summer!

Photo courtesy of Gandia Blasco

Or course if you want to keep things simple – a market umbrella can’t be beat for versatility.

Photo courtesy of Galtech

You can see more stand-out outdoor furnishing selections here.


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