Thinking Inside the Box: The Art of Jay Rogers

Jay Rogers’s sculptural wooden containers are metaphors for the psyche, hinting at the parts of us that reveal themselves only…

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Not Your Grandmother’s Needlework

Norma Minkowitz turns the age-old craft of crochet into sculptures that have put her at the forefront of the modern…

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Peter Diepenbrock Sitting Bear

Metal Winner

Large scale or small, metaphorical or whimsical, Peter Diepenbrock’s steel, bronze, and copper sculptures bring industrial chic to private and…

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John Bisbee Ridge

Nailing It

In John Bisbee’s hands something as common as a metal spike becomes a thing of uncommon beauty.

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A Delicate Balance

Jennifer McCurdy’s intricate porcelain vessels have a gravity-defying sense of movement that evokes the rhythms of the natural world. Almost…

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Sneak Peeks: Paul Bowen

By Jared Ainscough Paul Bowen is a artist who creates drawings and sculptures. Artists who work simultaneously in two media…

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Marisa Marcantonio: The Sculpture of American Folk Artist Mark A. Perry

At first glance, the carved wooden sculptures by Mark A. Perry might catch you off guard with their lifelike details…

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Jared Ainscough: Rebuilding Jon Brooks

Most of the artists I’ve ever known or researched have a studio space that they set aside for work on…

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