Van Cleeve mixed-media painting by Will Holub

Paper Trail: Will Holub

Will Holub’s art begins with paper, a medium whose fragility and resilience makes it the perfect vehicle for his meditations on the nature of life.

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Gayle Wells Mandle

Artistic Statement

A Massachusetts artist uses collage and canvas as a vehicle for commentary about today’s pressing sociopolitical issues.  Giant glass windows,…

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Underneath it All

  Mary Jo McGonagle lives with her husband and four children in a suburban Connecticut home surrounded by a lovely…

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No Place Like Home

Allen Whiting’s rich, evocative oil paintings are sought after by people who love Martha’s Vineyard as much as he does.

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Dog Days

At his home in Maine, William Wegman shows why worldwide acclaim for his art goes far beyond his iconic Weimaraner photographs.

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Force of Nature

The many, many facets of Nancy McTague-Stock’s creative life are arrayed in nearly perfect, businesslike order in her spacious South…

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Paradise Postponed

His own art took a back seat while he attended to a teaching career and family. These days, Rex Prescott…

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Bunny Harvery Necessary Unit

Coming to Her Senses

The vivid paintings that emerge from Bunny Harvery’s Rhode Island and Vermont studios are inspired as much by sound, smell and feel as by what she sees.

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Susan Harter

Background Stories

Susan Harter never feels more appreciated than when someone says, “What a pretty room,” and doesn’t even notice her huge,…

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