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A Round Up of What’s Hot in Connecticut Showrooms

From African-print beach towels and architectural hardware inspired by fire fighters, to backgammon tables with pineapple motifs, here’s what has caught our eye in Connecticut showrooms this season.

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A Round Up of What’s Hot in Connecticut Showrooms This Month

From marble tiles that look like pebbles to a table with some Parisian inspiration, here’s what has caught our attention in Connecticut showrooms this spring.

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Notes From the Field: Have a Seat

By Cheryl Katz At our house, and at the houses of our friends and colleagues, of all the places in…

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What, When, Where: Small on Space, Big on Style

By Kaitlin Madden I’ve been a city dweller since I was seventeen, so I’ve spent my adult life living in…

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Notes from the Field: Pink and Green Past

By Karin Lidbeck Brent In the late 1960s, when I was ten, I experienced my first taste of decorating. My…

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Design in Depth: Choosing the Right Word

By Stacy Kunstel In the past few months I’ve developed a Words With Friends addiction that would rival Alec Baldwin’s….

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Rachel Reider: Kid-Friendly Designs

At Rachel Reider Interiors we have the pleasure of working with a lot of young families, and almost all our…

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What, Where, When: All the Pretty Horses

By Kara Lashley Recently, while searching for home design finds for our New in the Showrooms department, I was lucky…

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What, When, Where: The Great Outdoors

By Erin Marvin Now that winter is finally behind us, I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs that focus on…

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Katie Rosenfeld: New England Patio Chic

With so many options for outdoor furniture these days, it’s hard to choose and commit to one style. Being a…

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What, When, Where: A Tuft Act to Follow

Lots of new products come through my Inbox on a daily basis–some good, some not so good. While I was…

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Friday Favorites 1/28/2011

Erin Marvin, Managing Editor Bright colors often make a bold statement (just check out Linda Merrill’s blog post on Honeysuckle…

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