Stylish Standing Desks

March 16, 2016

Text by Lynda Simonton

We’ve all read the news about how “sitting is the new smoking” or how we should all get up and move every hour to combat the effects of sedentary computer-based jobs. No doubt I feel sluggish after a day at my desk, so I decided it might be time to make some changes, and transition to a standing desk.

One day, out of frustration, I tried to fashion a standing desk with what was readily available at home. The result was an upside-down laundry basket perched on the kitchen island. While this was in fact functional; it wasn’t going to cut-it long term.

And thus began my quest to find a stylish and functional standing desk. Here are some of my favorites.

Room and Board’s SW Electric Adjustable Height Desk is modern and sleek. The height adjusts with the push of a button, so you don’t have to deal with a manual lever.

Room and Board’s Float Desk is another unobtrusive desk option. This desk adjusts with counterbalanced mechanism allowing it to “float” up and down with ease.

Room & Board Float Desk

If modern’s not your style, how about the vintage-style Adler Table from Ohio Design? The piece was inspired by turn-of-the century machinist tables. It has a hip, rustic vibe that would be great in a loft or industial-style office. The desk adjusts with a turn of the crank so you can use it sitting or standing.

Adler Table
Brian Alexander designed the Renew Executive Sit-to-Stand Table for Herman Miller. The desk comes in a three different color options. The desk has a pop-up cord management system, which allows you to control the inevitable tangle of cords springing from our electronic devices.

Renew sit to stand desk
Dot and Bo’s Suspension Wall Desk is an interesting option for a standing desk. Just mount the desk at a height that is comfortable and you are good to go.

Dot & Bo Suspension Desk
A classic drafting table is a stylish option for a standing desk. This antique one by The Frederick Post Company was found on 1st Dibs would add interest to a room.

Drafting Table
With all these stylish standing desk options there are no more excuses for slouching at a desk all day long.

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