Style Scheme: A Cozy Reading Nook

December 13, 2016

Anita Clark conjures up a cozy reading nook for escaping into the pages of the latest best seller or spending some quality time with your iPad.

Barbara Barry Boxback Lounge Chair and Ottoman
“A lounge chair without an ottoman is like having a chair without arms! This combo,
by Barbara Barry for McGuire, looks sharp and allows you plenty of room for stretching your legs.” M-Geough, Boston Design Center, (617) 451-1412,

Barbara Barry Boxback Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Magothy Étagère–Minor by David Iatesta
“The graceful lines of this piece make it a perfect companion to any reading nook. An added bonus: It comes in many different sizes and finish options.” Studio 534, Boston Design Center, (617) 345-9900,

Magothy Étagère–Minor by David Iatesta

Maxstoke Floor Lamp
“A good light source is a must
for any reading area. Architectural and polished, this adjustable floor lamp is so appealing.” Neena’s Lighting, Brookline, Mass., (617) 232-1900, and Boston (617) 859-1700,

Maxstoke Floor Lamp

The finishing touches:

Fabric swatches

A) Rug: Basket Stripe by Elizabeth Eakins, Studio 534
(B) Wallcovering: Belize Wallpaper (20380-03)
(C) Fabric for throw pillows: Alhambra (11355-03)
(D) Fabric for chair: Telluride (11363-01)
All fabrics and wallpapers from Cowtan & Tout, Boston Design Center, (617) 951-6500,

Millie Side Table by Tritter Feefer
“This is the perfect solution for stacking your reading by priority. The top shelf serves up what you want to read first, while the lower one is for down-the-road reading.” Available through the designer.

Millie Side Table by Tritter Feefer

Anita Clark Design, Salem, Mass., (978) 741-1134,

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