Spruce up your Home with Spring Flowers

March 20, 2020

Text by David Winston    Photography by Winston Flowers

spring flowers striped shirt
David Winston, co-owner of Winston Flowers, gives us tips on how to spruce up your home with spring flowers.

What are varieties do well indoors in springtime?
Bulb flowers are the epitome of spring. We source spectacular varieties of specialty daffodils, hyacinth, and novelty tulips from Holland and show-stopping ‘Clooney’ ranunculus and anemones from Italy. Bulb flowers are special because they make a show of opening and growing after being cut. For example, if you buy hyacinth with tight buds, they’ll open gradually and you’ll be rewarded with new flowers blooming constantly. There’s always something interesting going on with bulb flowers.

Forced branches like cherry and dogwood also make for great springtime décor. This time of year, those trees are just starting to bud. If you cut the branches and bring them indoors, the warmth will force the buds to bloom within a few weeks and you’ll have a really eye-catching display.

What are some ideas for creative displays/ vessels?
Vases of flowering branches make for a very dramatic, high-impact display, as they can be four to five feet tall.

For cut flowers, consider using clear glass when you are displaying a single variety. It makes for a stunning presentation, but keep in mind that it’s important for all the stems to be uniform so that the display looks crisp and clean. If you are showing multiple flower varieties, an opaque vase is your best bet.

Where are the best places to display cut flowers?
Spring flowers are some of the most beautiful of the year, so really they’ll look great anywhere you need them. Some varieties, like hyacinth and narcissus, have a lovely fragrance and are nice to display bedside or in a bathroom. If you are showing flowering branches, consider putting them in a space with a high ceiling, like a foyer, for an impactful display.

spring flowers purplesAnything to note about maintenance?
Bulb flowers are more sensitive to heat and light than other types of flowers, so it’s important to avoid placing them near heat sources or in direct sunlight. If you’re displaying your flowers in clear glass, be sure to change the water frequently so that it does not become cloudy and unsightly.

spring flowers greensAny advice for making sure they thrive?
Bulb flowers like water, but don’t fill the vase all the way to the top. They’ll do best in just a few inches. You can also add flower food when you first place them in the vase to keep the water clear and extend the life of your blooms.

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