Snow Day

February 9, 2015

By Cheryl Katz

At the risk of being a bore, let’s review the facts.

According to the Boston Globe, CNN, and the Washington Post, since the 24th of January, Boston has had 50” of snow.

Juno, the “Blizzard of 2015” brought 22” in one day.

The city’s seen more snow in a 10 day period than ever before  – well at least since 1891 when this sort of record keeping began.

And that’s just the beginning.

There’s still over a month and a half to go before it’s spring.

And, if all these snow accumulation facts aren’t enough, consider this: as I write this, on Sunday, February 8th, there’s as much as 18” to 24” of snow predicted to fall overnight and through tomorrow (when, hopefully you’ll be reading this.) Judging from my local Whole Foods Market, from where I have just returned and whose shelves have been stripped of whole grain bread, 1% milk, and tortilla chips, this forecast is not an idle threat.

I don’t particularly enjoy slush, black ice, enormous piles of snow or downhill skiing,. But this snowy weather does have an upside. Hunkering down with a good book and my trusty laptop, I wrap myself up in all manner of blankets, guilt free, safe in the knowledge that this is all I can do.

A collection of vintage blankets to mix and match

Vintage Blankets

Photo courtesy of

Eleanor Pritchard’s Reversible Peppercorn Blanket from Lekker Home

Eleanor Pritchard Blanket

Photo courtesy of Eleanor Pritchard

Jonathon Adler’s Nixon Alpaca Throw Blanket

Jonathan Adler Nixon Blanket

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler

We keep a stack of blankets in our den for days like these

Three blankets from MacAusland Mills

macausland mills

Photo courtesy of

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