Sneak Peeks: Worn-In Wing Chair

September 6, 2012

By Jared Ainscough

I love everything about this Hepplewhite-style wing chair by Ralph Lauren Home. I even love the word “Hepplewhite.” The chair, available at J. Seitz and Co. in New Preston, Connecticut, has the look of worn denim, wrapped in aged burlap and strapped to a walnut frame. The elegance of the shape contrasts with the informality of the upholstery. I like the big white stitching that holds together each seam, and the hammered brass trim heads that echo that repetitive stitch. Wing chairs have a tendency to feel stuffy and uptight, but casual treatment of this one really loosens it up.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

This chair truly represents J. Seitz and Co., where style permeates everything they sell, even the baby clothes (it’s hard to imagine a store that sells this chair also sells baby clothes, but it does and–amazingly–the baby clothes fit right in). They have a great eye, and a keen ability to pick just the right pieces–from furniture to decor to antiques and clothing. You could pretty much buy everything you needed in this one shop.

This is just one of the pieces we found for the “New in Showrooms” department in our Fall issue of New England Home’s Connecticut. Pick up the issue when it hits stands in October to see what else we found.

Can’t wait to delve into the fall issue? Here’s another sneak peek in the meantime:

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