Sneak Peeks: Sorcery … of a Sort

September 4, 2013

By Maria LaPiana

Heidi Holzer of Redding, Connecticut is woman with an eye for design that has served her well in the world of jewelry and fashion. She’s a gifted, mostly self-taught decorative artist who can magically replicate the look of hundreds of finishes (faux and otherwise) on virtually any surface. Talk about sleight of hand. Holzer is also a smart and savvy businesswoman who has taken decorative painting to new heights—including Tommy Hilfiger’s apartment at the Plaza in New York City. Her story is engaging, her work exceptional, and she’s as modest as they come (“I love what I do and consider myself lucky to make a living at it,” she says.) You can find out more about this remarkable woman in the fall issue of New England Home Connecticut.

Photos courtesy of Heidi Holzer

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