Sneak Peeks: Re-do, With Style

December 26, 2013

By Maria LaPiana

Susan Glick is an interior designer with an extraordinary knack for reinventing spaces. She lives in a lovely home in Westport, Conn. that she furnished in the style of the day—sixteen years ago. A few years back Glick decided it was time to refresh her rooms, and refresh she did. Because her home’s colonial details stood the test of time (and because she was still pleased with many of her original choices), she didn’t switch everything out—not by a long shot. What she did instead was much more magical: She reinvented her home with a new color palette and she resurfaced, reupholstered, and revamped. Glick’s penchant for a decidedly modern aesthetic comes to life in her “new” home, which is featured in the upcoming Winter 2014 issue of New England Home Connecticut. Witness a bit of the transformation:

Photos by Michael Partenio for New England Home.

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