Sneak Peeks: Bius Design

August 23, 2012

By Jared Ainscough

I always love designing our “Made Here” department because it reminds me of my absolute favorite thing–factory tours. I fell in love with factory tours when Mr. Rogers went inside a crayon factory on his TV show and I saw how crayons were made. Seeing construction processes has fascinated me ever since, and our “Made Here” department has allowed me to embrace this fascination.

Unlike some of our previous “Made Here” features, Bius Design–a furniture maker in New Haven, Connecticut and the subject of “Made Here” in the upcoming fall issue of New England Home’s Connecticut–has a truly unique and detailed design process. In looking through the behind-the-scenes images they sent us I saw much more than I expected. Photos–no matter how candid–can only show so much of the design processes, especially with furniture design. What is special about Bius is that each project is handled on a case-by-case basis. Each piece looks like it is tailored for an exact purpose. Each concept–from sketch, to mock up, to scale model, to full-size model–is fully realized. When you see the photos of the process, you can see the project materializing in front of your eyes. Layer upon layer is added and the piece develops a sense of weight and personality. It’s even more amazing to see how much detail is put into each step in the process. Even a step as straightforward as upholstering the finalized pieces is thoroughly thought out so that the pattern perfectly accentuates the finished piece.

It’s great to see an artisan’s process in such detail, and it provides great insight into their thought process. To see more of Bius’s work–and more of their process–pick up our fall issue of New England Home’s Connecticut.

Photos courtesy of Bius Design

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