Sneak Peek: Time Passages

May 31, 2012

By Jared Ainscough

Bunny Harvey‘s paintings are inspired by nature. She paints sprawling landscapes as well as smaller details of plants, stones and streams. Landscapes are nothing new to the realm of art–some of the oldest paintings in the world, in fact, depict the artist’s natural surroundings. But unlike most landscapes, Harvey’s paintings and drawings seem to capture something more than a literal view. Instead of simply recreating what she sees, Harvey appears to truly analyze her subject with her brush. Unlike a photo that freezes a moment in time, her paintings feel as if they represent hours or days. Simple subjects become abstracted and layers are added. You can see the light change in her paintings, as if she had been working all afternoon and dusk had set in. What is there and what she sees are layered on top of one another; the resulting images are textured and beautiful.

See more of Harvey’s work in the Artistry department of our upcoming July/August 2012 issue.

Bunny Harvey: Arc and Dark Waters (2004). Photos courtesy of Bunny Harvey

Bunny Harvey: Milkweed with Breezes

Bunny Harvey: Field Chatter (2006)

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