Sneak Peek: The Family Couch

December 15, 2011

By Jared Ainscough

I have two little girls, a dog, and a tan couch. The couch, of course, came before the girls and the dog, so the abuse it has taken falls into the category of “clarity of hindsight.†We have toyed with the idea of replacing the poor couch, but I think we have both accepted the fact that we should wait until the girls are older and we all use cups without sippy lids. To make matters worse, “family room†is the theme of the next Elements department in New England Home’s Connecticut.

That means I must look through the beautiful pieces that the best designers have hand-chosen for the perfect family room project. I’m a little bit envious, but I am taking mental notes and following the advice that the designers have to offer. My personal favorite is this great sectional that designer Shelley Morris found at Lee Industries. It has clean simple lines and, most importantly, it looks incredibly comfortable. When our winter New England Home’s Connecticut is released in January, you will be able to see the rug, lamp and game table that Shelley chose to go with it.

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