Sneak Peek: John Scofield

December 29, 2011

By Jared Ainscough

John Scofield has many talents. He is a painter, a sculptor, a furniture maker and an installation artist–and that’s just scratching the surface. What I find most fascinating about his work is his furniture and how it relates to his sketches. His furniture designs, sketched out in pencil and bushed with vibrant paints and pastels, are explosive works of fluidity. The streaks of color are expressive and quick, but what is most impressive is the way the drawings translate into the final sculptural pieces. It is rare that an expressive sketch translates into a 3-D piece, but Scofield manages to maintain every aspect of his original ideas. A piece of his furniture is an idea solidified, pulled from his mind and placed on the ground. See more of his work in the Winter 2012 issue of New England Home’s Connecticut, due out in January.

3 Shadows Table, John Scofield

3 Sides Glass Top Table With 4 Legs, John Scofield

3 Sided Table With 4 Legs, John Scofield

Equestrian Bench, John Scofield

Equestrian Bench, John Scofield

Flag Back Chair, John Scofield

Glass Top Table with Gold Apron, John Scofield

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